March Newsletter

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What’s new this year?

Enhancing our client experience with improvements to our current programs.

stirling rd

By Silvio Guzman on March 1st

Within the past year we have been carefully analyzing our gym and the experience all our clients receive when they walk through the doors. We have noticed a huge positive shift in energy all of you bring on a daily basis. As a result, our Crossfit family has grown.  We love that! No really, you have no idea how excited we are about it!! The growth is without a doubt driven by small changes we have made along the way, the dedication and passion of our coaches, and mainly you. We understand every one of you makes sacrifices in many different forms just to be a part of 42nd Street’s family and without you none of it would be possible.

Our devotion to you inspired us to keep the momentum going. We have some exciting changes we would like to implement during this year for our members:


The Iron Gang

By Joshua Tarafa on March 1st

olympic lifters

Do you even lift bro/bro-ette? Olympic lifting has made its way back to 42nd Street, new and improved! A class schedule has been loosely established and will take place in the evening three times weekly. Coach Jay will be on the floor during these time blocks and post workouts for you to follow. We also would like to welcome Mia Gaetan and Lauren Leon who are National level Junior Weightlifters that have recently joined this program. They are two very talented young ladies that make great training partners if you intend to better your own Weightlifting abilities (bros included, they put up big weight fellas). We will post an official schedule as soon as we work out all the logistics.


Parents, not getting enough sleep?

By Joshua Tarafa on March 1st

In modern day life let’s admit, our schedules are kind of crazy. So much to do in so little time! Especially when you are a parent, work a full time job, and have responsibilities at home. So, we thought, how can we help?   We would like to schedule our Crossfit Kids classes a little earlier to give you parents an extra half hour in the evening because we know every minute counts. The new schedule beginning  April 1st would be:

Fit Kids 5pm-6pm

Fit Teens 6pm-7pm

Questions, Comments? Please let us know by emailing us at

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